Socio-economic partners

Socio-economic partners

One of the missions of IDEAS is to analyse and implement interactive and participatory processes bringing together scientists and socio-economic partners to design new products, technology and services in agri-food systems. The aim is particularly to explore these questions from the combined perspective of production, processing and consumption.

At a time when the values associated with nature and food are a subject of controversy, the direction that agri-food systems should take is not a foregone conclusion. IDEAS works closely with a range of partners: local authorities, farmers, water agencies, local farming associations or civil society organizations, agri-food businesses and distributors, variety selection and multiplication companies, farming cooperatives, chambers of agriculture, technical farming and agri-food institutes, and joint-trade organizations are all partners with which open and distributed innovative design initiatives are created, either within the framework of collaborative research (establishing a link with the research world), or under projects to assist partners through the activities of the support platform (establishing a link with the platform).

IDEAS scientists also participate in various Mixed Technological Networks such as the RMT Champs Territoires Atelier, SPICEE, Alimentation locale, etc..


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